Hilarious adaptation of well-known Moliere’s comedy The Bourgeois Gentleman centres around the foolish notions of some French tradesman who desperately tries to become a proper gentleman and move within the higher circles of society. Silly and ignorant Monsieur Jourdain aspires to climb the social ladder by buying his way into aristocracy unaware that everyone around ridicule and cheat him out of everything they can. As genuine as naive in his unflagging attempts Monsieur Jourdain goes against the odds and puts at risk everything including his good name and marriage. Shame, financial ruin, and even a scandalous love affair seems like not a big price for becoming a dream man of quality. Behind the obvious satire to an idea of social climbing which is a glimpse of seventeenth century France, Moliere’s Garden party sets up up-to-date question about one’s identity, importance of feeling comfortable in own skin and how far we can go to achieve them. Lots of fun guaranteed!

Premiere: 11th June,StagEHd Edinburgh’s Theatre Festival, Ross Bandstand Princess St Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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Adapted and directed by Pat Zajac

Cast: Stephen Corrall, Pat Zajac, Mikołaj Figiel, Ashley Barlow, Suzanne Senior, Adam Barnett, Karolina Oleskiewicz

Music: Vitamin String Quartet

Costume: Pat Zajac /Mr B. Photobooth & Atelier