PAT ZAJAC (Patrycja Zajac)

Actor, Director, Music, Costumes

Pat is establisher and director of MOS. She is a bilingual actress, theatre-maker and theatre instructor, graduated from Acting School with national diploma and College of Therapy Through Theatre Art in Krakow, Poland; English acting, performing and directing qualifications she gained at Trinity London College, Acting Out Drama School, Edinburgh Acting School and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Another area of her creative activity is composing and fine-art photography at Mr B. Photobooth & Atelier.



Stephen is an Edinburgh based actor who has been involved in many stage, TV and screen productions, including a recent Netflix mini series The Puppet Master or the Amazon Prime series A True Mismatch where he is also an Executive Producer. Within his stage credits are StagEHd Festival in WAWEL DRAGON by LS, The Collie’s Shed during Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 or lead role in Assembly Roxy theatre production The Satyricon.

(IG links): Stephen Corrall] @thecolliesshed @thesatyriconplay


Actor, Director

Ashley Barlow is an Edinburgh based actor, director, and producer.  After qualifying in 2020 she has been involved in several productions on screen and on stage.  Her passion for classical theatre has led to her being cast in classical female roles such as Lady Macbeth, Lysistrata and Moliere’s Dorimene.  Ashley uses physical theatre skills that bring alternative elements to her characters. On screen she favours more of the horror scene and has been cast in the series Priesthood as well as being involved the independent film Out To Kill.  Her horror aspirations are not just for screen as she produced, directed and starred the stage production of The Afterdeath at 2022’s Edinburgh Horror Festival. Ashley is also one of three producers of the Female-lead production company Luvana, this company aims to empower women in the creative industry and produce female lead work for both stage and screen.  Ashley loves playing with many different genres and relishes in the challenges each of them bring


Actor, Dancer, Choreographer

Lukasz is a multilingual actor, performer and dancer who has already worked with us with past production of DZIADY II FRAGMENTY – FOREFATHERS’ EVE II EXCERPTS and in the first cast of WAWEL DRAGON. Lukasz also performed the Husband for the purpose of all teasers and trailers as well as VO actor in the production of WHISPERS/PODSZEPTY.


Actor, Stage Tech & Sound

Mikolaj is a bilingual actor, who has been in collab with us since he was a child and then teenager in many productions of our Youth Theatre Group and multigenerational projects. Mikolaj works in MOS also as a stage crew member.



Sandrine is a French actress based and trained in Edinburgh, where she performed in Ellen McLaughlin’s Lysistrata and Shakespeare’s Macbeth, amongst others. She was last seen incarnating an otherworldly judge in The Afterdeath at Edinburgh Horror Festival and is very excited to come back amongst the living as Nicole in Moliere’s Garden Party. Sandrine is as curious as her character and spends most of her spare time learning new skills. At the moment, if you cannot find her in her sewing room, you may want to try the tango school!



Michał is a bilingual theatre actor based in Edinburgh. With MOS from a few years now, he was in cast of several productions. Currently can be seen in two performances: Świeczka zgasła and Wawel Dragon.


Actor, Choreographer

Multilingual actress, graduated from the State Academy of Theater Arts in Saint Petersburg. Author of the monodrama Rescued. A True Story based on Sarah Forsyth’s autobiography “Kidnapped and Sold”. In the past, a daughter of the Poloneziaki Song and Dance Ensemble, currently an actress, director and manager of the Cooperative Cultural Center in Bielawa.



Adam is an Edinburgh based actor who studied with EAS. He has performed both on and off stage and enjoys performing both comedic and also more dramatic roles. Some examples of recent work would be Birdboot in The Real Inspector Hound. Also King Duncan in Macbeth or role of Councelor in MOS’s Wawel Dragon. Examples of film roles Adam has performed in would be Doctor Jones in, Ten with a Flag and a fisherman in the Harry Styles music video Adore You.


Actor, Playwright, Life Coach and Career Advisor

Marta is a bilingual theatre and film actress, living in London on a daily basis, where she graduated from acting studies at Rose Bruford College and Drama Studio London. Before leaving for college, she studied acting with Małgorzata Szczerbowska and took part in the performances of the Kalambur Theater and TdP (Hanoch Levin’s Winter Funeral, directed by Piotr Łukaszczyk). For half a year, she has been a member of the Dangerosity group, where she plays and directs.





Annie is an actor, director, and producer based in Edinburgh. She graduated in Film & Media at the University of Stirling BA (Hons) before going on to do some democratic activist work including directing films for the Scottish Government. She did a diploma in Acting and Voice graduating with distinction from Trinity London College, Edinburgh Acting School in 2020. Annie recently co-founded her own theatre & film company called Warped Productions LTD. She was part of the previous Production of The Wheel of Misfortune for the fringe and Horror Festival which will be reprising again in 2023. Her other recent credits include Joy in Sauce and Maxine in Hot Sauce (play), Princess Wanda in Wawel Dragon (play) and Grace in Solar Urticaria (film). You can sometimes see her as a witch known as Blair Witch flying around town witch-touring.


Actor, Playwright, Life Coach and Career Advisor

Monika is a bilingual actress, singer and playwright.
After moving to Edinburgh she attended EAS, where she performed in interactive performance Matrimony of Murder. Her collaboration with MOS started from production of WAWEL DRAGON
during StagEHd Festival. She sings during Charity Concerts and Cabarets. Currently, she is working on her play.


Props and Set up, Artistic and educational collab / Handpainting and decoupage Glasgow Studio


Scenogrpahy, Props, Costumes, Acting

Łukasz designes and creates setips, props and costumes. He is passionate about Cosplay; winner of multiple awards on national and international comic-cons.

Guest collaboration

ACTORS: Storrada Hird – Drużyna Wojów Świętosławy, Daniele Silvan, Lynsey Walker, Amandine Le Marchand, Alberto Saiz Varona, Anthony Zeitoun, Víctor Martínez Prieto, Andre Anderson, Holly Wagner, Roland Rajzer, Pawel Kopec, Kiro Zabinska, Konrad Oleksiewicz, Agata Kmiec, Alistair Wales, Steven Mcdonald, Lily Pietrzak, Karolina Oleskiewicz, Suzanne Senior

DIRECTORS: Inka Dowlasz, Lukasz Fijal, Kate Diuk

WRITERS: Charles S. Kraszewski, Beata Furgalska, Ewa Zabinska, Kate Diuk

LIGHTS: Magdalena Jednorowicz

MUSIC: Marcel Borowiec

MUAs: Kate Diuk

VO ACTORS: Andrzej Rog, Joanna Kanska, Mateusz Kobialka, Ray Calleja, Aryan Stanley, Suzanne Senior, Wendy Lap, Roland Rajzer, Ewa Chalupa, Beata Furgalska, Katarzyna Stepien, Marcel Borowiec, Aleksander Fialek, Jaroslaw Szwec, Lukasz Fijal, Jaroslaw Ciepichal, Albert Opolski, Malgorzata Wronska, Lukasz Moskalik, Magdalena Wlodarczyk – Sroka, Lukasz Zaplotny, Zbigniew Sieciechowski

PHOTOGRAPHY: Barbara Eva Photography, Mariusz Perkowski, Agata Chrobak, Katia Opuntia, Jurij Grigorovic, Kate Diuk