(available online upon request)

Based on the ballad by Adam Mickiewicz

About Show:

Multimedia performance, kept in Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy style. A woman killed her wedded Lord and planted titled lilies on his grave. As these blossoms are well known symbol of innocence, she cannot cover her crime with them and breaks a natural scheme of things. Since then, the main plot of crime and punishment will be placed in a world of supernatural powers and the justice will be brought from the grave. The play presents us with gallery of mysterious creatures who are both symbolic and metaphysical and poses a question about the possibility of avoiding punishment…

Translated from the Polish by Charles S. Kraszewski

Adapted and Directed by Pat Zajac

Cast: Weronika Krawczyk, Róża Bilińska, Maja Gąska, Zachary Wakulicz , Mikołaj Figiel, Steven Mcdonald, Daniele Silvan, Pat Zajac

Costumes and official poster: Mr B. Photobooth& Atelier

MUA: Kate Diuk

Music: Pat Zajac

Premiere: 3rd November 2018, Aberdeen Arts Centre, Aberdeen, Scotland

Performance took part in online Virtual Polish Festival @ Federation Square, w Melbourne, Australia 2020 and Edinburgh Horror Festival 2021

*Production in collab with Youth Group Theatre run by MOS

Official trailer:

LILIES A TALE BETWEEN WORLDS, MOS, Oficial trailer by Mr. B. Photobooth

Review in Polish by Selena Stuart, Tydzien Polski

Reviews from our Audience:

I had the opportunity to see “Lilies” at the Aberdeen Arts Centre and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was particularly impressed with the remarkable English interpretation of the Mickiewicz’s ballad and the multimedia elements that were a perfect addition to live actors’ play. A brilliant initiative! / Miałam przyjemność obejrzeć spektakl “Lilije” w Aberdeen Arts Centre i bardzo mi się podobało. W szczególności byłam pod wrażeniem wybitnego tłumaczenia Mickiewiczowskiej ballady oraz elementów multimedialnych, które doskonale skomponowały się z grą aktorską na żywo. Świetna inicjatywa!

* * *

Na świeżo po obejrzeniu Lilii w Aberdeen. Świetne przedstawienie, Mickiewicz bardzo szekspirowsko przetłumaczony i wykonany. Spooky. Świetna robota. Dziękujemy Wam za prawdziwą ucztę.