Based on the ballad Lilies by Adam Mickiewicz

Kept in Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy style. It is a story about a murderess, who planted titled lilies on her victim’s grave. As these blossoms are well known symbol of innocence, she cannot cover her crime with them and brakes a natural scheme of things. Since then the main plot of crime and punishment will be placed in a world of supernatural powers. The play presents us with gallery of fantastic characters that bring their justice from the grave and poses question about the possibility of avoiding punishment… Let us seduce you with a magic of romantic theatre of horror and dive into world of wonders. Lots of unforgettable thrills guaranteed!

Premiere: 17th of October 2017, during Scottish Borders Diversity Week in Galashiels, Volunteer Hall Galashiels Stage

Translated from Polish by Charles S. Kraszewski

Adopted and directed by Pat Zajac

Cast: Marysia Wojtylo, Pat Zajac, Sandra Biernaciak, Roza Bilinska, Mikołaj Figiel, Zachary Wakulicz, Natalia Rybicka, Weronika Krawczyk, Maja Gaska, Marcin Florek, Lukasz Wojtylo, OFFs: Pat Zajac, Marysia Wojtylo, Weronika Krawczyk, Maja Gaska

Music: Pat Zajac

*Production in collab with Youth Group Theatre run by MOS

Official trailer: