Based on the ballad Mrs Twardowska by Adam Mickiewicz

Outdoor play of seventeen actors, with unexpected twists and spectacular show of Polish traditional dance Polonez. The story of a Polish nobleman who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for eternal life and magical powers. Unfortunately, after years of evading his fate, he was eventually tricked by the Mephistopheles… Would he be able to save his skin and avoid the hell’s oppression and what will be the role of his dearest wife – titled Mrs Twardowska? 

Premiere: 28th of August 2016, Hawick International Day, Wilton Lodge Park Bandstand, Scottish Borders

Adopted and directed by Patrycja Zając

Cast: Mikolaj Figiel, Natalia Rybicka, Pat Zajac, Alicja Pyzik, Weronika Krawczyk, Natalia Kozyra, Marysia Wojtylo, Sandra Biernaciak, Wiktoria Syperek, Roza Bilinska, Maja Gaska, Nicola Mclenan, Lukasz Wojtylo, Lukasz Pazdzior, Marta Kajpust 

*Production in collab with Youth Group Theatre run by MOS