Polish-English performance

Based on Dziady część II by Adam Mickiewicz

Bilingual miniature theatre form based on the second part of the classic, four-part dramatic work Forefathers’ Eve written by one of the most popular Polish poets and writers Adam Mickiewicz. English parts of the spectacle come from the first complete verse translation of Adam Mickiewicz’s Forefathers’ Eve made by Charles S. Kraszewski. Title of the drama refers to Dziady, an ancient Slavic and Lithuanian feast commemorating the dead in which a group of peasants with their leader are summoning ghosts suffering in purgatory to ensure them the access to heaven. This old ritual based mainly on folk morality becomes a specific philosophy of life and death and happens to be a universal story about time and eternity. The micro – performance is a striking vision of eerie dialogue between living and dead which once took place in a night time chapel…

Premiere: 3rd Feb 2019, Burn’s Night: Robert Burns and the Romantics: Songs and Stories of the Supernatural, organized by the Scottish Polish Cultural Association at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians

Adapted and directed by Pat Zajac

Starring: Pat Zajac, Paweł Kopec

Choir/VO: Ewa Chalupa, Beata Furgalska, Roland Rajzer, Katarzyna Stepniak

Music: Pat Zajac

Official poster by: Mr B.Photobooth