Funny adaptation of a famous Polish legend about the mythical dragon who once lived in a cave at the foot of Wawel Hill, under the castle in Krakow, on the banks of Vistula River. Between colourful court dances, knights fighting and everyday castle life someone will need to find the solution how to slay the beast and save the kingdom… Who will become a hero and a saviour of the city? Let us take you back in time with this medieval story where history mixes with fairy tale. Lots of fun for children and adults guaranteed!

WAWEL DRAGON, MOS, Image: zajacdigitalart COSTUMES: Mr B.Atelier

Premiere: 21st September 2019, #KrakówExperience Festival, West Parliament Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Written and directed by Pat Zajac

Cast: Łukasz Żujwoda, Mikołaj Figiel/Adam Barnett, Pat Zajac/Monika Klisch, Łukasz Leszkiewicz/Mikołaj Figiel, Amandine Le Marchand/Holly Wagner/Annie Cook, Michał Ichnowski, Alberto Saiz Varona/Konrad Oleksiewicz/Stephen Corrall, Agata Kmieć/Holly Wagner/Monika Klisch, Victor Martinez Prieto/Andre Anderson/Michał Ichnowski, Ashley Barlow/Pat Zajac Narrator/VO: Aryan Stanley

Guest starring: Storrada Hird – Drużyna Wojów Świętosławy, Marco Marangon

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Costume: Pat Zajac /Mr B. Photobooth & Atelier, Dragon’s Costume: Łukasz Żujwoda

Performance took part in online Virtual Polish Festival @ Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia 2020 and StagEHd Edinburgh’s Theatre Festival, Ross Band Stand/ Ross Theatre, 28th May, Edinburgh, Scotland 2022

Review in Polish by Karolina Oleśkiewicz,

Official trailer, Wawel Dragon by MOS