Anton Chekhov

About the show:

Innovative adaptation of classic Chekhov’s drama Three Sisters is concentrated around the entrapment motif. Titular sisters in original play are stuck in a provincial town and above all want to go to Moscow. In Three Sisters – Beyond Time the plot of this stuckness is even clearer mostly because of main staging idea. There are no physical male characters in the show – we can only hear their voices what in consequence leads to psychological depth. Performance becomes a metaphor of current pandemic reality where in a result of consecutive lockdowns and remote work we are stuck in our houses with family with whom we sometimes get along poorly. Like three sisters we are sometimes in two minds, recollecting past or imagining the future conversations with “absent” people. Are these conversations real or are they just memories of what happened a long time ago? Maybe they are peculiar spiritual séances with ghost of the past or only a trick of our minds about conversations we would like to have? Three sisters’ entrapment and compulsion of constant confrontation with ghosts of absent men induces something unexpected. Disputes, contrasting characters and different attitudes to life cause conflicts between sisters but at the same time they support each other in a difficult way to purify and break with the past. But will this purification and breaking with the past actually come?

Premiere: 16th February 2022, Augustine United Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

Translated from Russian: Constance Garnett

Adapted by Pat Zajac, Ewa Chalupa, Beata Furgalska

Directed by Lukasz Fijal

Drama Coach and Dramaturg: Kate Diuk

Cast: Pat Zajac, Joanna Mogilnitskiy, Marta Mazur

VO: Aryan Stanley, Marcel Borowiec, Aleksander Fialek, Jaroslaw Szwec, Lukasz Fijal, Jaroslaw Ciepichal, Albert Opolski

Music: Marcel Borowiec

Costumes and official poster: Mr B. Photobooth

THREE SISTERS – BEYOND TIME, MOS, official trailer

Reviews from our Audience:

Fabulous performance (…) you made me cry and laugh!

* * *

Oh my goodness that was amazing! (…) so emotional and moving!